Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles

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MCLA maintains a FREE database of Los Angeles' Mural History linking artists, murals and neighborhoods. The foundation of this database was shaped by Robin Dunitz' book "Street Gallery", the first true compilation of Los Angeles public murals. The MCLA website allows submissions of murals created recently in Los Angeles, forming an ever growing archive joining the historic with the new.

To email your submissions, please send high resolution digital images along with the name of artist(s), location, year size and medium to:

Great white shark with a diver in his mouth. Photo © Isabel Rojas-Williams
Estrada Courts
Sports theme. Designed by Drewitt. Painted by Kenny Leach and Ray Jackson. Photo: © Robin Dunitz
Long Beach
Daniel Martinez and crew. This project came about as an exchange when Martinez wanted to use the building's main room for a dance party. His fee for the mural was just enough over the cost of renting the hall to...
East LA
The back of the head of a Spanish conquistador, an Indian woman facing him, and a crowd of people between them. Photo: © Robin Dunitz
Ramona Gardens
A trompe l'oeil architectural facade. Photo: © Robin Dunitz
West LA, Santa Monica, Venice
Depiction of a sculpture of the Aztec rain god Tlaloc. Photo: © Ian Robertson-Salt
Estrada Courts
Student Hong Hoang, assisted by Jennifer Carpenter, Mario Delafuente, Aram Klijian, Francisco Molieri, Ricardo Perez, Jean Shibasaki. A tribute to the cultural diversity of the school, designed by a senior whose family...
San Fernando Valley
Artist: Eden Vanus and Michael B. This colorful tropical landscape was painted in just three days for a Mexican beverage commercial. Photo: © Robin Dunitz
West LA, Santa Monica, Venice
Profiles of two large elephants. In 1991 one lost most of his face when a window was installed. Photo: © Robin Dunitz
West LA, Santa Monica, Venice
Virgin of Guadalupe. In order shown: Photo: © Isabel Rojas-Williams | Photo: © Robin Dunitz
Estrada Courts