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Lost and Ruined Mural Re-Born

The City of Los Angeles recently reversed a long-held belief that murals violated the city's advertising and visual blight laws. It's the latest evidence of a progressive attitude toward the city's treasures of muralism.

Ernesto de La Loza beams vibrantly as his palette.

With so much pedo in El Lay's local governance, I'll take all the evidence I can find, especially when it comes in the form of grants to restore  faded artifacts of muralism's movimiento heyday in the 1970s, like Ernesto de La Loza's 1975 "Organic Stimulus" in historic Estrada Courts.

Estrada Courts' murals make its walls among the more remarkable collections of public art in the world. The deteriorating murals are targetted for restoration through efforts of people in organizations like the Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles. Through MCLA's efforts, restoration of "Organic Stimulus" is funded by the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs.

Muralist Ernesto de la Loza, Isabel Rojas Williams MCLA 

In LA, two public housing sites, Ramona Gardens and Estrada Courts house stupendous galleries of art in the monumental scale covering twenty foot high walls. Sadly, the work has been unconserved and defaced by generations of taggers layering placazos, ironically obscuring a lasting cultural heritage.

2012 detail
circa 1980, scanned Ektachrome
Then again, a few pendejos have gone on to produce outstanding gallery and authorized wall work. The late artist Magu was always quick to defend tagging and the tagger as malunderstood, a form of culture and importance, even when the tagger hit walls of great value.

La Bloga has long followed the survival of the enchanting "El Corrido de Boyle Heights." Its prominent corner makes it among the highest visibility targets in the region, its beauty irresistible to nihilists with spray cans. Now, with the City's new mural law and its Department of Cultural Affairs joining efforts like Amigos de Siquieros, UCLA's Fowler Museum, the Getty museum, and the Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles, we're presented the most hopeful evidence to hit the block in ages.

Visit the Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles' Facebook page to observe the restoration process and the full mural before and after.


For these and additional images at higher resolution of the dedication of Ernesto de la Loza's "Organic Stimulus," see Read! Raza's foto essay at


Source: La Bloga