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Name:  Vibul Wonprasat

City of origin: Thai, active in America since 1979.

How did you find yourself in the arts? My dad told me I had talent. He was a school principal. I got a lot of praise from my art teacher. I felt that art would make me happy. Art is part of my life.

Where do you draw your inspiration?  I appreciate the beautiful nature and the mankind culture. Those subjects inspired my paintings.

Describe yourself in 5 words:  Spiritual, imagination, creative, mysterious, and peaceful.

When you aren’t creating works of art, what can you be found doing? I read a lot of art books. Drawing takes up most of my time. I love to sketch people.

Who were some of your mentors? I believe everybody to be my mentors. I learn from everybody. I found my art mentors from people who helped me from different angles.

Which of your murals is your favorite? Why?  East meets West. I loved that mural. I don’t know what happened to it. One day it was just all white. I used to give lectures in front of that mural, to educate people.

What themes/messages do you convey through your work?  I use the artistic learning into my subjects to tell people more than they expect. They see things from my soul as an artist. They might see unknown shapes or colors, that’s part of me.

Who are your favorite artists? Wassily Kaninsky and Francisco de Goya.

More about these artists:

Wassily Kaninsky- The late 19th Century Russian painter. Kaninsky was particularly interested in the correlation between music and visual, color and independence. (Source)

Francisco de Goya- The Spanish portrait painter and print maker. Goya is often referred to as “the first of the moderns.” His belief in the importance of the artists vision over tradition, paved the way for his one of a kind style. (Source)
Image below is "East Meets West", 1991