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555 W. Temple St, Los Angeles, CA  90012 (click to view)

15' X 14' ft
Description / Interpretation: 

This beautiful mural located in the Cathedral of Our Lady of Angeles in Downtown

Los Angeles depicts an intersecting portrait of early 18th Century life. From the right corner is Father Junipero below him is Alfonso De Portola, the Spanish military

governor, who led the voyage from Mexico to establish missions along the coast

of Alta California. The ship in the left hand corner is one of three that left Mexico

in support of the journey. The mural also shows the native people building the

first mission at San Diego then harvesting the crops that came from establishing

these mission communities. The bottom left corner represents the many Mexican

immigrants that have come to this country and have made the Church such an

important part of California. Overseeing all of this is a figure that represents the

mother of countless men and women on which the California history is built but

who never received the credit or recognition for their daily efforts.

 (Description by: Ellyse Brautigam, 2013)


Photo credit: Isabel Rojas-Williams