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 Recent information from the DCA concerning the application of the free anti-graffiti coating :


"There are some recent deveolpments regarding Public Works' offer of free anti-graffiti coating. Up to 450 sqft. of (permanent) non-sacrificial graffiti coating (GCP1000), not to exceed 8 ft. above grade, can be applied by the City for murals going through the Original Art Mural and Vintage registration process.  If the applicant wishes to use sacrificial coating instead, OCB can provide 450 sqft. of coating, but the application and maintenance is ultimately the property owner's responsibility."


"To begin the Mural Registration Process with the City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA), here there are a few links to get you started.  

Click on the links below for important registration information:
Original Art Mural Ordinance Administrative Rules
For any mural related questions, please contact Public Art staff at 213.202.5544 or"