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The Yellow Dot on mostly everything I paint is a representation of the Sun within as well as without.

It is the giver of life.

It’s also my way of honoring, paying homage and my gratitude for life that connects us all as one.

I believe being an Artist is a gift, a key to unfoldment, like a lotus flower whose birth is out of the water of chaos, new beginnings, and as I seek more light the chaos around me and in me starts to disappear, only to reveal its true nature, which is light.

My work is about Resurrection and Transformation.


Noni Olabisi
Downtown LA

Troubled Island

Noni Olabisi
Mid City

Noni Olabisi assisted by Charles Freeman.

To Protect and Serve

Noni Olabisi
South Central LA

This history of Black Panther Party was originally selected as one of SPARC's Great Walls Unlimited: Neighborhood Pride murals.

Freedom Won't Wait

Noni Olabisi
South Central LA

A powerful image by a first-time muralist addressing the feelings raised by the community uprising in late April 1992, in the aftermath o