Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles

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Brought together in 1989 by the death of a friend from random gang violence, Earth Crew is a group of more than 20 youth began doing murals as a way of promoting non-violence. They have done projects for the 1990 Los Angeles Festival, Amnesty International, and a national sports convention in Chicago. In addition, their nine panels honoring Native Americans are now on reservations around the country. In 1991, at the invitation of the Mexican government, they created several murals in Mexico City with local youth art groups.

(Source: Robin K. Dunitz, Street Gallery, Guide to over 1000 Los Angeles Murals)

La Virgencita

Earth Crew
Mid City

Virgin of Guadalupe. Photo © Ian Robertson-Salt

Undiscovered America

Earth Crew
Downtown LA

Artists: Earth Crew: Erik "Duke" Montengro, Benjamin James Frank Jr., Rojello "Angst" Cabral, and Joseph "Nuke Montalvo".

We Don't Have Generations

Earth Crew
Mid City

Environmental imagery in honor of Earth Day. Photo: © Robin Dunitz

A Call to Earth's Caretakers

Earth Crew
West LA, Santa Monica, Venice

Environmental mural done in honor of Earth Day.
Photo: © Robin Dunitz