Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles

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Gil has an extensive background in the arts and continues to explore new avenues of creative imaging for individuals, groups and business’ using digital and traditional photographic methods. His travels include work in Europe, Scandinavia, the Caribbean, Latin America and plans for projects in China. Gil has worked with sports figures ranging from Mohammed Ali to Freddie Roach and celebrities including Keith Richards, Tom Waits, Kent Twitchell (muralist) and Cesar Chavez (social activist.) Pablo Ferro, Fred Mogubgub, and Tommy Schlamme (film/animation). Corporate clients include Sony, 20th Century Fox, Fiduciary Trust NYC, Big Brothers of New York, Waterville, Ballybunion and Old Head Golf Clubs in Ireland and the Lost Canyons Golf course in Simi Valley, California. His work and collaborations have appeared on television, “FYI” an Emmy award winning show (as the primary still photographer), in print such as Time Magazine, Brad Cooney’s Lets Talk Boxing, Against the Grain: Mad Artist Wallace Wood and numerous art shows around Los Angeles including Cal State Los Angeles, dA Gallery, Millard Sheets Gallery and the Latino Art Museum.